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2012 Cruze LT1 RS Crystal Red Metallic & 2nd set of tires/rims $11,750

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Purchased from southworth chevy with 4k miles 1 owner and after my 34,000 miles I have averaged 31.7 mi per gallon. I just got over 38 mpg on my 220 mile trip from Iowa and that is mostly 2 lane and hilly roads! The snow tires just went on and I have a separate set of Chevy 17" Sonic rims shod with Michelin Performance All Season Primacy mxm4 which I got for their anti-hydroplane properties. They have about 20k miles on them. The Consumer Reports General Tire highly rated Snow Tires only have about 9k miles on them. Cruze is MINT condition. Books at $12,500 in the NADA auto guide without extra set of tires. $1,000 less if you don't want the snow tires.
No problems with the Cruze, just need something eaiser for a 6'4" guy to get in and out of. I'm 45, have no kids and don't smoke.

Chippewa Falls Wisconsin
PM for contact info.
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If I sold it for 1k less without the snow tire set. Would there be any interest in buying just the snow tires?
I have to believe that someone would be interested in buying the snow tire set. Just don't know that they would be willing to buy the set for 1k, but perhaps it's possible.
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