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I'm not sure what the cost of the 2012 will be but I'm sure it will include these cost now that they are "Standard". I do wish the 2011 had push-to-start and the "low cost touch screen nav".
I am with you there, depending on what "low cost" is? Is a low cost touch screen the same price as the overpriced non-touch? If then, its still more than I want to pay. The PtS is cool, but not really a value-add. The only thing that would make me really consider trading up would be a new engine (SS) and/or a 5-door model.
Im not going to cry over the 2mpg, but it would be nice. Now that the trans and I are getting along better, I'm not that concerned about the Gen II trans.

Plus, I really like my Imperial Blue. I have not seen the new blue yet, but It would have to be really sweet to enter into the equation.
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