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On april 5, 2012 at 1pm i was driving with my wife and two small children
on south us hwy 41 in terre haute, indiana.

I was heading south going approx 50 mph when i tried to accelator i notice i was not speeding up but rather slowly down. I looked down at my dash and notice all power was off and no lights were showing on my dash .
I told my wife i lost power and turned on my emergency flashers.
I was in the left hand lane i tried to go to the right was there was two semis on my rear and i had no where to go. I manage then to pull in the center turning lane and turned real fast coasting into the steak n shake parking lot. I got out of cruze and lifted hood and checked for leaks and reason why car turned off on me found no good reason. I then return in the car and restarted the cruze it did start right away like nothing was wrong. On star never came on and never said there was a promblem.

My wife called the dealer and they said bring the car in. They do not know whats wrong with the car and now want on star to slove there promblems

i no longer feel safe in a gm cruze. What am i supposed to do????
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