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Not only the Cruze, dey all are doing dis now, using a point contact relay to fire up everything, especially the ignition. Just two tiny silver plated brass contacts touching each other to keep these things running. Microcontrollers, a microprocessor with peripherals that makes it a complete computer that requires exactly 5.0 volts to function properly. If the voltage even drops by a 1/4 of a volt, it quits working.

If the battery supplied voltage drops below 8.5 V to these "computers", you will have all kinds of problems, and compounded by a series of connectivity problems, one big fat series circuit. Ignition switches were a tad better, had a self cleaning wiping contact, but still a problem depending on the material used. EPA sure didn't help by banning electroplating in this country.

Ha, told to invest in silver because its used in all electronics, not the best material, silver oxidizes, actually tungsten is the preferred material, can withstand the heat of an arcing contact. But since it has higher resistivity, requires a larger contact. a stronger spring, and a few more ampere turns to overcome that force. Oh my God, the bean counters would have a fit.

8.5 volts tells me they are still using the 7805 series voltage regulator, this is back from the 60's. Do have up converter regulators now that have a zero voltage drop, that voltage could drop down to 5.0V and still operate the computers properly. Oh my God, this would add about 20 cents to the circuit.

Used to use all pretinned wire, now all bare copper, thank you EPA, copper oxide is an excellent insulator, good for about a few years, then oxidizes, major problem with the battery terminals, but can be soldered. That leads to another problem, leadless solder. Caused primarily by the software people, outdating our computers, vehcles, and cell phones, throwaway products filling up the land fills. Doing a bit better job now, but took years to develop the proper flux. Still requires a lot more heat than lead, rough the delicate electronic components.

I can still buy lead tin solder, but instead of it being a buck a pound, more like 25 bucks. Also still can buy R-12, but instead of 30 cents a pound, more like 80 bucks a pound.

So if you are wondering why we are having problems, it all deals with the materials we are forced to used. In one way, glad I am retired. Every year the EPA was coming out with new regulations that had to be complied with, but their major solution was to export all this stuff outside of our borders.
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