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2012, Dec bought manual eco, 1.4L turbor. disconnected the negative post of the battery for 15 days, now reconnected the negative post, but the tire pressure monitor display does not show the numbers, only two hyphens. Also the power window buttons do not work as before. Before, when I just click the power button once, the window would close all the way. Now when I only click once, the window will close a little bit. If I want I to close the window all the way, I have to hold the button all the way, until the window closes all the way.

Please help.


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You have to calibrate the automatic drivers window after a battery disconnect. I know this because mine recently died and needed replaced. Roll all the way down by holding the button and all the way back up. After that it should be automatic the next time. DIC should ask you to right after you turn key when reconnecting battery.

TPMS probably just needs to be driven to recognize the sensors. Have you driven it a decent amount of miles?

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When we disconnect the battery on a US built Cruze, when we reconnect, we need to cyle the drivers window down and then up to reset something in the system. Try that once. Disconnect, reconnect, window down, window up.
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