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Call the dealer and ask what was used to repair.
I suspect they used a Patch Plug.
This is a patch with a nipple cast as part of it.....the nipple is ecapsulated in a hollow metal tube that starts as a needle diameter.

The tire is dismounted, the puncture area cleaned and prepped from the inside, adhesive applied and the metal tube is pressed into the hole from the inside......then the metal tube is pulled with pliers from the outside and in so doing, draws the patch against the the patch meets the tire the metal tube slides off the plug section.
From the inside of the tire, the repair will appear as a conventional patch.
From the outside of the tire, the repair appears as a plug.

Tire is then remounted and rebalanced.

Very rare for any shop to use a plug insurance demands a patch plug......if a old style plug is used, and a failure that creates a lawsuit results, the dealer is denied liability coverage for using the non-acceptable repair proceedure.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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