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2012 LS 1.8L - P0599 Came Back

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Hoping to get some suggestions for troubleshooting.

Recently had a P0599 code and noticed my radiator fan had stopped working because the ground cable wire from the fan had come off the bolt. Found a 6m x1 hex flange nut to secure ground cable and fan started working normally again. Code went away for about a day and a half, then came back after driving around. Yet AC is still blowing cold, radiator fan is running, coolant and engine temp gauge is normal.

Anything else I should check?

I'm suspecting one of the sensors or a possible airlock in cooling system?
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Weird that it throws a code, I haven't had a function fan in 7+ years lol
Yeah it threw P0599 when the fan wasn't working at all. The code went away once I got the fan working normally with low/med/high speed functionality for about a day and a half. Then the code came back and I noticed the fan was only running on high the second I started the car. Really hoping its one of the sensors or a shot relay.
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