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Jump it and have the battery tested as a first step. Entirely possible it's a bad battery, but you may have both issues.

Every time I go to the dealer it's at least a several hour wait, so this will at least save you some time if it is indeed just a bad battery. I have had terrible luck with the AC Delco batteries in my Cruze.
If they find a bad battery, he gets to buy a real battery with warranty at Autozone PepBoys or wherever.

You are in VA, you are conditioned from waiting in traffic to get to the dealership. I remember having 300 miles on a car and the a/c failed. No loaners no taxi home just 6 hours of trying to find someone with the part. That's when I found out you have better sales in Alexandria but better service in Arlington.

Makes sense...appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning at the battery test, and if they find something wrong with the cable, no diagnostic fee, so nothing lost but a couple hours.
Hopefully it's just the cable. Does Hertz give you a maintenance history of the cars when you buy them or did you get this from a dealership and on inspection you found the Hertz oil change sticker on the door or under the hood?
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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