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Hi all,

I recently had the turbo replaced on my 2012 SRi-V 6sp auto.

It actually wasn't the bypass valve being stuck open - it was the turbine itself being completely wallered out and not spinning due to the turbo oil feed line clogging up with bits of a failed filter. That was a fun $2k+ job to have fixed...

Anywho, car has a brand new genuine turbo, when I got it back I was told that the return oil line needed to be replaced as well, but I did that myself with a genuine GM part. While I was at it I also replaced the entire PCV system with the genv3 PCV valve bypass kit. Before doing this, the car was burning oil and running like garbage.

On to the issues I am having now:

1. Car has no power under mid throttle. When I hold it at around 4k it accelerates very poorly. Sometimes it will throw a warning saying "service vehicle soon".
2. Rad fan will come on and off every 20-30s for about 10s or so at idle, then will turn off.
3. Scanning gives a P1101 code.
4. FTLT% is at around 22% on idle, and drops down to as low as 5% when really getting on it (at around 5k RPM)
5. Rich smell of petrol when car first starts and continues.

Things I have tried (itemised as per above list)

1. Have run myriad of tests and gathered logs on issue. Car is making boost (up to 19PSI as high as I've seen). When I floor it, it goes and makes full boost and works properly. Have checked all piping from turbo to intercooler (was missing a hose clamp on intercooler inlet side, have replaced and it is tight) and from intercooler to throttle body. Nothing loose. When this error is thrown my car is making around 5PSI of boost for an extended time. Short spikes in boost do not throw the error.
2. I've read in a few places that this can be a sign of a MAF sensor not working correctly, but I don't think my MAF sensor is the issue. I believe this is because of the rich condition (below) dumping too much petrol into the cylinders, which is then not being fully burnt, going to the the cat and heating it up too much, which makes the engine bay itself hotter and causes the fan to come on to try and cool it down.
3. P1101 refers to the MAF being out of self-test range, however I have cleaned it using MAF cleaner and also replaced with a brand new one from a shop, and it did not resolve the issue. The shop allowed me to return the MAF (they suggested trying it). Most common things I've seen regarding this are that the PCV system has failed, but I am not getting any of the common signs of that (PCV valve in intake manifold has been bypassed with no leaks), and the diaphragm on the crank case is not sucking in much air. It is supposed to suck in a little bit at a time, but not much, and it is doing this. There is no difference in idle if I cover the hole or not. I've not done a smoke test however, as I do not have the tools for it. I have made sure that the oil cap is firmly screwed on and the dipstick is in place. Removing the dipstick while car is running makes it idle like junk, putting it back immediately makes it run smoothly again.
4. I believe that this is most indicative of the issue I am having - I am pretty sure I am chasing a vacuum leak but I can't find one. I'll admit I am not a mechanic but I know enough to get myself in trouble, I do all my own oil changes and minor repairs.
5. I believe this is due to the car running rich as above.

I'm going to try and replace the oil cap and double check all of the hoses and fittings again, but I really do not think that the MAF is bad. I would be happy to be told I am wrong, though. I firmly believe that I am chasing a vacuum leak, I just can't find it.

Is there any way for me to rig up a home smoke machine? Has anyone ever actually fixed the P1101 error code? Is my car doomed forever?
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