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Purchased 3 years ago used 34,000 currently 53,000.

I had codes p1101 and p0171 spent days reading hundreds of forums threads and watching youtube videos.

Intake was ok, valve cover ok, cleaned MAF sensor reset code but it came back on within minutes. I was giving up and regretting to have to take to the dealer and ever buying this car.

Car was getting hard to start would sometimes stall and idle rough. Replaced PVC bypass hose no improvement.

So I checked the canister purge valve it was stuck open but no code is given from ODB.

Ordered one yesterday put it in today, the car is running normally now all codes are clear HAPPY DAYS !!

Thanks for this Forum I believe this car should last 200,000 plus miles.

My other autos are 1998 Towncar 220,000 miles and 2006 Towncar 131,000 all repairs and maintainance have been done by self.

I thought these new connected and computerized cars would be easier to maintain.
But anyhow I still love learning new technology, maintaining, and troubleshooting cars.
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