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2013 1.8 litre No engine rotation

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Hello, new to this forum and I have an unusual issue. Started with a crank but no fire situation. Was checking over some possible reasons. Another turn of key and now no cranking or firing. Checked starter 250amp fuze and it was blown. Got to beva reason for fuse blowout, so investagated the starter seemed normal. Tryed to turn engine by hand wrench and it wouldn't turn clockwise like it's stuck or jamned. It only turns fully counter-clockwise. Took out plugs and hand turned similarly.
Perhaps a stuck starter bendix gear on flywheel? Tapped starter gently, etc. with a hammer near the flywheel housing. Same, but, I did hear the armater in the starter make rotational noises when I hand-turned crankshaft pulley counter-clockwise
Took off starter and heard the spring release ( recoiled ) and bench tested starter. It's 4000km since new and works properly. Still wont crank clockwise, only c-clockwise by hand
Timing belt alignment is proper too. Can this be a flywheel lockout pin broken or something, really dunno about that. Heard that the alternator clutch (stuck)can be the problem too if it has one. I did get a check charging system dash message briefly before she wouldn't crank anymore. Alternator pos line and starter positive cable are pig-tailed together. When fuse is burned, no power to either part?
Yes, I'm not a mechanic. Experience in earlier life with farm tractor automotive equipement only.
Sorry for the length !
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Sorry for the late reply.
Did you try to rotate the motor by hand with the starter removed? I would also pull off the accessory belt and then try to rotate by hand.

If it won't turn then obviously something mechanical has let go in the engine or transmission.

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My mothers 2014 Cruze 1.8 recently had a “ no crank” condition and I too thought that it was the starter, the 250 amp fuse was blown also, after replacing the fuse, this still didn’t solve the crank issue, after pulling the spark plugs out, I used a borscope and checking inside the cylinders and that’s when I found the total distruction in cylinder 1 and 3, it seems like a piston pin let go in #3 and a valve broke in #1, I will try to upload pictures soon.
Ordering a used engine next week.
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