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2013 Chevy Cruze 1.4 ecotec (Acceleration Down when AC ON)

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Hi All !!

Does the engine power /accelaration downs when you turn on the AC in Cruze Turbo. Is this normal or there is a problem?

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With the AC on, you may see a loss in acceleration. This is normal. If passing, you may find it best to turn the AC off for your pass.
It's normal. If you floor it, the AC will cut off if you need the extra power.

Run 89-93 octane if you aren't already in summer temps; it helps combat knock that will make the 1.4T a complete dog in the summer.

These plugs help as well, if you're inclined to do a bit more maintenance than usual. If not, check the gaps on your stock ones and set to .028".
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+1 on BlackBurns post. Run at least 89. It will make a night and day difference if you try to go back to 87. I didn't realize the difference until I tried going back to 87 (after 2 months of 89). Now I'm stuck with a tank of crap gas. My milage increase covers the additional cost going from 87 to 89 so I don't think i will ever intentionally put 87 in my car again.
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I concur with the above. My car was purchased in a colder month and didn't realise how much my 2013 hated 87. You need like 3 consecutive tanks to fully see the difference of higher octane fuel.
Completely normal. The AC compressor uses engine power to run.
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