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Hello my name Corey and my 2013 Chevy Cruze 1.4 turbo it has 103000 miles on it just had the valve cover replaced at 100,000 miles but the car has me stumped. I have several codes P0097 sensor 2 circuit low bank 1, P0113 sensor 1 circuit high, P11C2, and P2227 barometric pressure circuit range/ performance. I have changed the map sensor Acdelco #213-4760 and Acdelco #55568175. I’ve checked all the wires and they all look good. But still won’t start just cranks and cranks. I’ve cleared the codes and unhooked the battery but can’t get rid of the light or start it might start 1 out of 10 times and run rough and sound like a lawn mower. Please help

Hello again so ive reset the fuel trim and idle something and cleared the codes. Now i'm getting 4 new codes P0016 crank shaft position/ intake camshaft position not plausible , P0017 Crankshaft position/ exhaust camshaft position not plausible, P00EB intake air temperature sensor 3 circuit high voltage , and P0236 Turbocharger boost sensor performance.

Ive replace the crank shaft position sensor and 2 camshaft position sensors and the bad map sensor. The car now just clicks doesnt even try to start and when you try to jump across with screw driver it clicks too took the starter off to have tested and came back good. Please help im stumped never had this many problems before??? What do i do next???
think it mightve jumped time???
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