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2013 Cruze 1.8L LS Check Engine Increasing Rpm's when shifting to Park

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Hey guys this is my first post on this site so forgive me if this is being posted in the wrong section. My 2013 Cruze LS recently had the Check Engine light come on while idling in park. I took the car to Auto Zone for a quick diag test and the guy was not much help. I got gas about 2 days ago and have put 50-60 miles on the car since so I do not suspect bad fuel. I was backing down my drive way, stopped in my parking space and switched to park with my foot remaining on the brake the entire time, and my car proceeded to increase to roughly 2100 RPM and drop back down to 700 RPM followed by 10 seconds or so of minor fluttering. I attempted to remake the scenario to see if maybe it was just a one time thing. So I put the car in drive went forward about 75 feet shifted to Reverse backed into my spot, shifted to Park and the car once again went up in RPM, not as bad only to about roughly 1400, followed by 5-7 seconds of fluttering. Does anyone have any idea what this may be? I have already had multiple issues with this vehicle. Cracked Axel seals, ignition coils, right transmission shaft and a few other minor problems. I do really hate to have this car in the shop for the 4th time since April of last year when I bought it, doesn't even have 65,000 miles.
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