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2013 Cruze AC/Heater Fan/blower not working on any fan speed settings

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Is the 40 amp fuse labeled "interior fan" related to the fan? It doesn't appear to be blown from looking at it. I will certainly try a $5.00 fix first though. Just not sure if this is the correct fuse though. Thanks
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Should be, yes. If there's another 40 in the fuse block somewhere, try switching them.

Could be the blower motor itself or a resistor, though.
One of the more easily accessible items on the Cruze, the blower motor, had to remove mine because that squirrel cage blower wheel was hitting the shroud above it. Cure was simple, added spacers to the bottom of it.

Also could bench test it, draws 20 amperes at 14.5 volts. Just two terminals, reversing the polarity won't do any damage, just runs backwards. Could test yours off your battery with a couple of test clip leads.

Nothing worse than finding a blown fuse, have a short someplace that is not easy to find. Normally replace the fuse with like a 1057 light bulb with leads soldered to it and clips the same size as the fuse. It will light up until you find the short.

Can also be a firmware BCM problem, controls everything, those pushbuttons, just program the BCM, a PWM waveform fires a power MOSFET transistor to control the fan speed, even turn it on off. But if that transistor shorts out, fan will run all the time.

Good place to start is with the blower motor itself, to make sure it runs.

Ha, this is taking me back to the good old days when I could buy a brand new blower motor from my dealer for six bucks. But why should I spend that much, when I could buy new brushes and bushings for 45 cents? Was real easy to take it apart, and even put plenty of oil on those wicks. All this new stuff is throwaway.

If it is the blower motor, would only replace it with a genuine Delco, aftermarket is crap, 84 bucks at

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Just had the fan stop working in my car today (everything shows up as working on the display, etc. but no air movement.)

I swapped out the 40 amp fuse but no joy.

I found the post showing how to swap the blower motor so that's potentially on the agenda, but first...
How hard is it to swap out the blower control/resistor pack? Last time i tried anything like this was on my previous '03 Mini Cooper. You basically end up taking most of the dashboard apart to get to the resistor pack and fan motor.
IIRC, the Cruze doesn't use resistors - the control module uses pulse width modulation to get the speeds. So, if it's not the fan, it's the module.

However, I do recall some reports of bad fans on here - I don't remember any bad modules.
Kind of what I thought. Dealership wants $300+tax for the parts, RockAuto or GmPartsDirect for about $150+shipping.
----the next morning, before ordering parts----
Oh what the hey? Got in the car this morning and dropped off the kiddos at school then just for grins I hit the switch to turn on the fan and it was working just fine! Now I am chasing an electrical gremlin rather than just something broken.
Welcome Aboard!:welcome:

Always test for shorts before swapping fuses, you might just blow the second fuse.
guuyuk did you ever find out what the cause of the issue was? I am having the same exact issue on my 2012 POS Cruze.
Dit it happens again, did you found the reason it occured?
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