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Quick answer replace one or both rear window switch(es).

My car started out with just the left rear getting stuck. After replacing the rear window switch, because I damaged the circuit board during my troubleshooting, the window started working as it should. About a year later both rear windows started getting stuck, and after an extended time and repeated tries I would get them back up and closed. Once I took the time to troubleshoot the issue, I started with drivers switch thinking it was the problem, and it wasn’t. So I moved to the back, the left rear window was working by itself, as long as the right window was fully up. The moment the right window came down, it stopped working and the left with it. I found the intermittent power to the motor came back faster if I ran only the right rear switch by itself. Once the right window was fully up the left window ran fine. I replaced the right window switch and no more issues.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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