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I very rarely use the back doors or windows, but does the cruze have rear child locks for disabling the rear door locks, and the windows?

I remember seeing that some of the GM windows have safety reverse built into them. With this system the window is to reverse if hitting an object like a kids finger.

Inorder for the systems to work, the window drive assembly must know where the window is in relationship to the door frame. With the windows fully in the up position try holding the window switch for that window in the up position. The window shouldn't go anywhere, as it's already up. This resets the motor/window regulator to the up position.

I believe I read in the service manuals that the Cruze has this feature. The Nissan I own requires the windows to be reset whenever the battery is disconnected. If the window isn't already in the full up position.
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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