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Hi everyone

my Cruze L1.4 it’s been having a P1101 and P0172 code I haven’t been able to get rid of. It runs a little rough when the AC is on full blast idling. But it always has and with A/C off it runs perfect. I get a little bit of a fuel smell when driving sometimes. I have replace the following items within the last month.

map sensor
spark plugs
mass airflow sensor
intake manifold
upstream O2 sensor.
PCV hose
Purge valve

Looked at the valve cover for vacuum leaks. And all the air hoses for looseness. And I just don’t see anything. Here’s the freeze frame data. If you can help I would appreciate it. Hope I don’t have to take it into Chevrolet.
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So, P1101 is a mass airflow sensor out of range circuit code and P0172 is a rich condition code, which is verified by the -29% fuel trim.

The fuel smell is because you are running so rich.

Have you checked the MAF sensor circuit wiring to the ECM and the connections?
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