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2013 Cruze LT O2 Sensor question

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My wife and I bought our daughter a 2013 Cruze LT with the Ecotec 1.4. Its throwing a P0171 code and I am starting to troubleshoot the issue. The car has 138k on the clock so I am assuming its the upstream O2 Sensor. When looking up the replacement AC Delco O2 sensors, it says it needs programming. Do I need to take this to a GM dealer or is this something I can do myself? I do have a scan tool. I can't seem to find anything on the net about programming the O2 sensor. Thank you for the help.
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imho not the o2 sensor. Likely unmetered air entering from a leak causing "systen too lean" -p0171.
Go to "gen 1 powertrain" on forum and search p0171 for years of threads, problems and fixes. Pcv system is a common cause.
Also good to go to new member thread and introduce yourself and car for starters. It's a terrific forum, best.
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Welcome to CruzeTalk!
You should start by taking a look over these topics:
Thank you for the information and troubleshooting. I placed my finger next to the vent on the valve cover and it had very strong suction. After viewing the threads suggested, I ended up ordering the Dorman set with intake manifold, valve cover and PCV tube for $200. My $200 repair turned into $450 because when I removed the ignition coil, two of the boots broke off at the base. Oh well, my daughter's car got new plugs as well. Replacing everything was relatively easy. I think I spent more time unclipping the sensors and various hoses and harnesses than actually removing and replacing the intake and valve cover. After I was done, I cracked open the diaphragm housing the valve cover and found it hard, brittle and with several tears. Check engine light hadn't come back on again. Thanks again for the help!
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