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(new, I hope this is the right subforum, if not please let me know)

Bought a 2013 Cruze about 6 months ago, been running great until a few weeks ago
I would have problems starting the car and I would need a boost to start it, then it'll start fine for a few days, then boost and repeat.
I took it to Canadian Tire to swap the battery figuring it's most likely a battery issue only now I'm getting a whole lot of issues

car starts fine, runs fine, but has a very rough idle when parked or stopped at a red light etc
my dashboard has the engine light on, traction control light on and it says to service traction control
also getting error codes P106, P1101, P0171, P015B (check pictures)

any ideas? all help is greatly appreciated as I'd prefer not to pay a dealer premium by taking it to Ford.


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Check the date code on the battery. If it's the one that shipped with the car, change it. Period. End of story. It's outlived it's brothers.

Batteries can be flaky. One of the battery's job is to be a filter for the alternator. Computers really hate bad power.

But another possibility is a bad battery ground cable. That's covered by an extended warranty by GM, so a dealer should be able to take care of that.
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