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On my 2013 Cruze LTZ I have the passive door locks (button that is on the handle that locks and unlocks the door: Part Number: 13577716). The weird thing is when the temperature is in the 30s (Fahrenheit), the button on the driver door will not work. All the three other ones work fine. If I rest my hand on the handle for about a minute it will warm up and work. The odd thing is sometimes it can easily be below freezing and it will still work fine. This has been going on since early February (I had a blind spot sensor module replaced).

I don’t know if this is software related or what is going on. I have already tried resetting the settings for the locks on the radio. What’s even more frustrating is the fact that I cannot find any instructions anywhere on the internet on how to replace this handle. There are tons of videos and instructions for the non-passive lock handles, like this one.

I can easily get the handle itself off, but the problem is that I have no idea how to disconnect the cable itself. The harness is located just inside the door on the very edge where the hole for the handle is (once the handle is removed). Does anyone know if it is a requirement that I have to take the inner door panel off as well? Like I said I cannot find any instructions at all. This same part is used on many Chevy and Buick Models going up to 2017 I believe. It might be possible to reach it with very thin tipped needle nose plyers, but it would be a challenge, and possibly damage the connector.

Thanks for your help.
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