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I was in stop and go traffic in my 2013 Cruze when a couple messages popped up on my dashboard. "Service Stabilitrak" and "Service Traction Control". In addition, the tach dropped to 0. My engine power was not reduced, though the car did feel a little sluggish. I attribute the sluggishness to a psychosomatic thing. Handling was a little "different" as well, but I can't really describe how, I'm guessing either this was in my head or it was that the traction control was disabled.

I got the car home and got her parked. Started googling the issue, and went out and started her up again. Messages went away and the tach is working again.

My question, I guess, is should I be concerned? I was in traffic on a bloody hot day with the AC running, so it's possible something got a little too warm and flaked out. I'm in Ohio, if it matters, and the car is a 6-speed manual with only base-level trim features and 80K miles.
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