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On the 1.4L Auto with a key, the shift lock solenoid that is part of the shifter must move a mechanical cable, because I can hear a clicking noise, and feel something on the side of the steering column where you engage the key.

Now with push to start, there's no interface with a key tumbler switch. It's not there. However, I wonder if the steering wheel lock while parking is somehow actuated off the shifter.

Next time try slightly turning the steering wheel, and then pushing the button. I wonder if a safety park steering wheel lock isn't to blame.

On the 2002 Intrigue, there was a mechanical cable that went from the shifter assembly to the ignition switch, as a means to release the steering lock, and verify the car was in park in order for it to start. That was a different car, and it was more of an all mechanical car. These mechanical rods and cables are being replaced more and more with electrical signals with no mechanical links. This could be the case with the cruze, while I have some noises I have not torn it apart to see what's going on in the steering column. Not bad enough to bother..

Ignition Switches were a problem with that car well before the GM recall issue, which I don't know if it effected the Intrigue or not, but it should have. Those switches were prone to failures.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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