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2013 cruze touch screen navigation in a 2011 cruze lt

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I was just wondering if anyone has tried this? The reason for me asking is that I want a touch screen in my car and I found a 2013 and was wondering if everything would work with the new headset in there. I dont think it will but I just want to be a 100% sure.

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I am unsure of a retrofit with the 2013 model touchscreen will install without all of the necessary wiring for IT to properly function as designed .
I would or you would need to look up the wiring harness and schematics to confirm any such possabilities ..

Also you will need the VIN # s for the newer replacement H U to get reprogramed by an authorized dealership to recode the H U to be able to give and recieve Data ...Security features to prevent theft are installed in H U s today .
I don't think the navigation is worth it. It's not that great and the updates cost $$$. I'd suggest you look into the mod that moves your stock screen into a new housing on top and frees up the space for a tablet or radio of your choice.
I can't find the thread I was looking for, but this one shows the results.
All I know is that it feels absolutely great to have a feature in my 2011 that's "debuting" in the redesigned 2016 model.......about a year before the redesigned 2016 was even released. I get a kick out of the new Chevy commercials showing off Apple CarPlay. It's like been there, done that lol.<br>

And yes, you get navigation as well...
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Where did you get the wiring harness at for it I priced one today that was 200+ cause I was going to do a double din but don't feel like paying that much just for the harness
They offer 2 harnesses. If you absolutely Dont need or want onstar, there is a cheaper harness option. If you do want to retain everything, shop around on Amazon or eBay. Unfortunately this is an expensive part. I believe I paid no more than $150 for mine.
Ok so I have been looking around on the internet and noticed that some people couldnt get the time and date right unless they had the steering wheel controls. I have cruse but I dont have the stereo ones. Also I dont think that I have onstar I havent seen an onstar button anywhere in the car. So would this harness work on the car?

Axxess LC GMRC 044 Radio Wire Harness Interface Aftermarket Stereo Installation | eBay
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