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2013 LT Aftermarket Touch Screen or Replacement

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Hey Y'all

I've been scouring the internet for weeks before landing here in the hopes someone could answer a question for me.

I've got a 2013 LT with the touchscreen radio/head unit + pioneer speaker set. My car got broken into 2 years back and the touch screen stopped working recently as the capacitive screen got pierced with a knife. Really just frustrating vandalism from some dudes on PCP.

I'm looking to replace or upgrade it with an android auto enabled unit.

From what I've read, the two radios have different sizes so units for either aren't easily interchangeable.

You guys know of any solid replacements units that don't cost $1000? Amazon looks like they have a few but I wasn't certain if any fit.

Thanks for the help in advance!
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Oh, they'll fit. Problem is that almost all of those custom fit radios are Chinese knockoffs. Poor quality and either severely out of date software OR a custom software build that you won't be able to update on your own. Same with the 10" "Tesla style" or "Ram style" radios. Actually, I think those might even just be an Android based tablet with a custom mount and wiring. Again, very out of date software or non-upgradeable custom software build.
I would just find a stock replacement and install the screen.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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