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Yes,,,, Had a CEL a few months back ,, took it in ,, replaced the turbo,,,, but destroyed the radiator while doing so and let me drive it off the lot leaving big puddles of coolant everywhere I stopped ,,,took it back in and replaced the radiator,, went to pick it up up and left with no cold AC on a 98 degree day ,,, simple plug was off ,, got the recall in the mail for a reprogram ECM and took it to a different dealer,,, had to replace the ECM under warranty ,,, and my 2013 ECO is not even remotely close to being the same car as before all of this,,,,On long trips it will barely break 30mpg ,,,,,at 70 miles per hour it struggles to maintain cruising speed with out shifting up to 5th gear,,,,when I roll a yield sign I press the gas and I have to look down at the tach to make sure it didnt die ,, it lags so bad ,,and then it sometimes revs up to 4k on the tach and then the gear hits with a jerk ,,never know what to expect ,,,,
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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