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2013 OEM Backup camera

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I used to post on here under MetBlackLTZ but no longer have FB. Anyhow, I recently bought a '13 RS in Atlantis Blue that took ages to find but anyhow what aftermarket harness will work to be able to connect just a 7" Android head unit so that my OEM back up camera will work? I have one but I'm not getting any signal but I do not think it is correct harness. Thx! Glad to be back in the Cruze community.
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2013 Chevy Cruze LT RS - Atlantis Blue Metallic. This color is growing on me, miss my black LTZ-RS
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I will have to mess around with it some more but I think I am just going to to stick with the MyLink setup and add an amp and possibly a DSP. I like the fact I can actually get album covers using bluetooth. I am kinda an audiophile and actually think the base, blue screen radio sounds better than the Mylink unit. I have owned so many Cruze's and I always go to an Android headunit as I like the functionality but in the past I could always get my stock front panel buttons to work and for some reason they are not working. I have the Canbus set up the proper way. I do not know if it might be the Key 1 and Key 2 wires or not but I have use of my steering wheel controls. If I can find the discontinued PAC AA-GM44 interface I am going to keep my stock unit but I am coming up short on locating one. Is there a good alternative to that interface?
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