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2014-2016 HU in a 2013

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Hello. New to the forum, you can tell by the post count. Lol I have a 2013 2LT Cruze. With the my link system. I would like to change out the brain with a newer one from a 2014-16 Cruze. Is this possible as the brains are the same size just not sure of the inputs on the back. I would like to get the SXM channels and I would think the new tune start feature. Any suggestions would be great.
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Your biggest issue is making the computers happy with each other. The radio talks to the car's BCM over the databus. For starters, they compare VIN numbers and if they don't match, the radio will refuse to run. It's a anti-theft measure.

While a dealer (and perhaps others) can work around the VIN issue, the question is if you can get computers from different years to talk to each other. I'm guessing you get to be the Ginny pig. And this is all assuming that you're changing a radio for a similar one. If you're switching between base model "green screen", MyLink, and MyLink with Nav, it gets ugly quick. There's a lot of things different.
Thanks for the info. It would be touch screen for touch screen. Just a newer brain. I'm wondering if the dealer could program the newer unit?
Yes it can be done, only by dealer and as a warranty claim. Radio seems to be one of those items they just do not like doing even if it's a legit reason to do so. There was a 13/14 guy who went to dealer same time as me same issues. He got a 15 radio with guidance lines and I got CCND with a clear and refresh radio.
One again thanks for the response. Have had the car for 3 days and already got a check engine light and stability control warning. Good thing I got the extended warranty. I was looking at the brain units on eBay can get a my link for a 14 or a 15 or even a 16. Just want the SXM channels. Just got to figure out if I can get it programmed.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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