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Hello -- so, this is actually my 2nd Cruze -- a 2014 2LT we got it new, leased it, and then decided to keep it... just rolled over 17,500 miles. Obviously, we just don't use it that much. Overall, knock on wood, this has been a trouble-free nearly 5 years... had a 2011 1LT previously and that was certainly filled with some teething problems (water pump, cabin coolant smell, an oddly calibrated passenger seat airbag sensor).

Anyway... given this is a low-mileage car, but now with a few years on it, are there any particular service items I should be looking to have performed? Powertrain warranty is up in August as well, so if there's anything in particular in that category I might want to try and get covered this is about time too.

Oil has been done regularly and needs to be done again soon, tires are also about done and will be done along with an alignment. I'm also going to swap the air and cabin air filters soon.

Looking over the manual I see the below flagged in addition to filters:
-Coolant Drain and Fill
-Check battery - is original so I suspect its days are numbered
-Dielectric silicone grease on weatherstrips

Thank you for the input!
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