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Hi, I'm new here... the warranty expired on our 2014, so now I'm taking care of it. I have an issue, and have seen a similar thread on the 2018, but I'm thinking 2014 is a different generation? I need to learn about that. Anyway, here's the issue:

I'm in Northern MN. At this time of year, it is pretty normal to drive through standing water as the snow is melting quickly. It is also normal to have overnight temps well below freezing. So, the conditions are that my wife drives down our long access road to home, goes through some standing water, and immediately parks on level ground, no parking brake. In the morning the left rear brake is stuck. I'm having trouble getting a real good story on what happens next. She says she rocks the car a little bit, it frees up, and she starts driving to work, but at some point, it locks up again and she ends up grinding the tire up dragging it down the road stuck.

This has happened twice. Last year, we took it to the dealership, but it was not stuck when the got it. Perhaps the tow-truck ride freed it up. The dealership, not seeing an obvious problem, sold us two tires and said good luck!

The second time was yesterday, exact same thing except this time, she got the spare tire on and in doing so, somehow freed it up. So, at this moment, it is on the spare, and I'm headed out to find a used tire to throw on there until I get this figured out because we will have these same conditions off and on for another couple of weeks.

In the process of researching this, I have found a similar case where the owner bangs on the wheel with a large hammer if it gets stuck. I can give my wife a large hammer and show here where to use it... though I am not sure I will sleep soundly at night... :giggle:

Tomorrow afternoon, when I swap the tires, I'll pull the brake drum, and hopefully something obvious will be going on... it's packed with mud or something. And, I have asked my wife to use the hammer if it gets stuck and/or call a taxi.

So, I guess I'm just asking around to see if anyone else has had this problem and anything resembling a semi-permanent solution.

Thank you for your time.

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