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2014 CDT and now 2015 CDT nox and o2 sensors always going out

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Hi all,

I am now on my second CDT, the 2015 model. As with the 2014 model, after about three months the nox sensor went out. The dealership here would have to jump through what ever hoops that GM puts them through, just so they can prove to GM it is the nox sensor, and order another on.

Basically, each time this has occurred, either with nox or the O2 sensor, the vehicle is in the shop for at least a week.

I am trying to see if any other CDT owners have faced similar issues. I am originally from west Texas, now living in Nashville, TN. I grew up around diesels all my life, and I have owned many diesel trucks and SUV's. I was excited to learn of the CDT, but now I am having to start to wonder if I have been swindled on this.

Any information would be helpful at this point.
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I'm just shy of 24,000 miles, have had the NOx replaced last year. Been seeing "check engine" intermittently, figured something was slightly out of spec with the emissions. Took it in, they're replacing the O2 and a clamp.

I think I'll get the extended warranty when I approach 36K. I have not had anything seriously wrong with the car, but I've made 3 trips to service in 2 years over these emissions glitches.
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