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Hi all,

I am now on my second CDT, the 2015 model. As with the 2014 model, after about three months the nox sensor went out. The dealership here would have to jump through what ever hoops that GM puts them through, just so they can prove to GM it is the nox sensor, and order another on.

Basically, each time this has occurred, either with nox or the O2 sensor, the vehicle is in the shop for at least a week.

I am trying to see if any other CDT owners have faced similar issues. I am originally from west Texas, now living in Nashville, TN. I grew up around diesels all my life, and I have owned many diesel trucks and SUV's. I was excited to learn of the CDT, but now I am having to start to wonder if I have been swindled on this.

Any information would be helpful at this point.
I had a NOX sensor replaced a couple of weeks ago. I dropped the car off at the dealer in the morning and it was ready that afternoon. Not sure why your dealer needs to keep it for a week. Now, I will say I had the car in the prior week for a CEL and they replaced an O2 sensor, did a quick test drive (10 Miles) and sent it on its way. Got the other CEL and I contacted Patsy - Chevy Customer Service on the board and let her know my concerns. I'm not sure if the GM mothership got involved, but on the second trip in they replaced the NOX sensor they seemed to do a much longer troubleshoot procedure and a much longer test drive. The second test drive was 50 miles. A couple thousand miles later and all is good.

My main concern with this car is, it is a low production run power train combination, and will GM and the dealership network see enough of these cars to learn how to properly troubleshoot. That being said, keeping it for a week for a sensor is not a good thing.
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