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X2, this past Monday I took delivery of a 2015 CTD and specifically asked the sales guy last week to 1. Take it into the shop and have them update any firmware (if needed) and look for TSBs : Wasn't done 2. Make sure that the tires , fuel etc are all up to spec : Wasnt done. How do I know?? I had the car one day and get an OnStar alert to two issues: 1. Sunroof is one of those subject to the recall (they would have seen this on a TSB if they had just put in the Vin # and 2. same day an hour later get another alert, ALL 4 tires have low pressure and not just by 1 or 2 lbs, they were all at 29 lbs, about 9 too low?? He had at least several days to do this and it WASNT done. Big deal to most, probably NOT. Big deal to me, absolutely. What are these guys doing (or saying ) that they can't just do what was requested?? GM and Chebby should be embarrassed that they deliver a new car like this??
Little to do with the service department.......that one falls right at your salesmans feet for poor follow through.

He likely took the dealbag, which has all the vin info, from its normal spot and moved it to finance for delivery.
Once that dealbag is moved, the shop loses all ability to see if the car is on the property, so no pre retail sale check takes place.

Very common occurence that dealers are always aware of but few have ever created a check and balance system to prevent it.

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