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2014 Chevrolet Captiva LTZ Questions

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Hi guys, I just picked up a 2014 Chevrolet Captiva LTZ with 82,000 miles as a grocery getter, I still have the Cruze so don't worry lol. I had a couple questions since I tried searching a Captiva forum but the ones that are operating are dead.... No activity. Makes me appreciate this forum and it's members a little bit more

I learned that this version of the Captiva is an exact copy of the Saturn Vue model so in terms of parts, those would be available as well

My questions would be....

What are the 1st few things yall do maintenance wise and cosmetic wise when y'all purchase a vehicle?

How do I begin looking for parts with no active community, like tunes or strut bars, etc.....
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Thanks for the replies...

I know it's a Captiva lol I just would of liked to find some parts to improve on so!e things

The turn radius and u-turn radius is awful

Just ideas I would like are, new struts, lower it an inch, strut bars, new headlight bulbs, tune up
That's not surprising.

As far as suspension, I think anything from the last Vue Red Lines should fit - those had an inch drop with stiffer struts/springs - it'll all be labeled as FE3 suspension. It also appears that Bilstein actually makes B6 struts for the Saturn Vue, so I'd think those should fit (since they're labeled as for the Opel Antara, which both the 2nd gen Vue and the Captiva Sport are).
Thanks for the info!, will definitely look into this
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Hi Cruzers, pardon my ignorance but is there anything i could do to in terms of buying, manufacturing ANYTHING to help the body roll?

i mean, i'm not trying to take any corners going 60 but a sharp turn at any speed in this thing feels sketchy with the body roll (has a feeling that you can easily tip over)

Strut bars? lowering it? anything?

preciate the advice
Based on what I've found, the 2nd Gen Red Line improvements were nowhere near as extensive as what the 1st gen got. It sounds like it basically got stiffer/lower springs (it is an inch lower) on the same struts as the XR - I don't think the swaybars are any different (RockAuto doesn't list any replacement swaybars for the 2nd Gen Vue, so I can't confirm, but Vue forum posts seemed to imply that they were the same). Whiteline does make stiffer swaybar end links, which could help (Moog's Problem Solver end links are also offered, and are definitely thicker/stiffer than stock - they were a popular upgrade on Cobalts - I run them with my SS/SC front bar).

However, also based on RockAuto, there are FE3 struts available, but I am assuming that both the XR and Red Line use those. So if you replaced your struts, shocks and springs, you could, in theory, go with the FE3 struts/shocks and Red Line springs. At that point, I'd pick up the Bilstein B6s for the front and the FE3 shocks in the back (Bilstein does not appear to offer B6 shocks for the rear).

Now, it might still be a longshot simply due to the nature of the vehicle, but since it is an Opel, there might be a few more parts across the pond that are available for the vehicle, but I can't really find anything.
WOW, thank you and everyone that replied.

I really appreciate the advice, suggestions and support. I do like cars but I am not very mechanically inclined, i get lost when people start throwing out specific car parts lol

besides Rockauto, what other websites were you searching on? What's Redline and XR?

I will definitely keep this thread updated as i begin the process of ordering and installing parts. I'll post a pic soon as well of the Captiva.
Thank you for this information, I really appreciate it. My Captiva looks exactly like the gray one you posted. They are good short distance commuters

My only complaint on the Captiva so far is the cornering/steering

the turn radius is not sharp enough and it has a very heavy body roll effect on corners/turns
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