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2014 Chevrolet Captiva LTZ Questions

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Hi guys, I just picked up a 2014 Chevrolet Captiva LTZ with 82,000 miles as a grocery getter, I still have the Cruze so don't worry lol. I had a couple questions since I tried searching a Captiva forum but the ones that are operating are dead.... No activity. Makes me appreciate this forum and it's members a little bit more

I learned that this version of the Captiva is an exact copy of the Saturn Vue model so in terms of parts, those would be available as well

My questions would be....

What are the 1st few things yall do maintenance wise and cosmetic wise when y'all purchase a vehicle?

How do I begin looking for parts with no active community, like tunes or strut bars, etc.....
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Check Amazon or Ebay for find performance parts but do brand research before you buy. I've never seen a modified Captiva. If it were my car and I wanted to change the appearance, I would tint the windows and put rims on it. As for maintenance at 82k, I would flush fluids, change the spark plugs and serpentine belt if they haven't been done, along with fresh headlight and taillight bulbs. I personally hate changing a headlight bulb unexpected. :LOL:
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Hi Cruzers, pardon my ignorance but is there anything i could do to in terms of buying, manufacturing ANYTHING to help the body roll?

i mean, i'm not trying to take any corners going 60 but a sharp turn at any speed in this thing feels sketchy with the body roll (has a feeling that you can easily tip over)

Strut bars? lowering it? anything?

preciate the advice
For body roll, larger stabilizer bars or strut bars will help the most.
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