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2014 Chevy Cruze Cluster Replacement

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I recently purchased a 2014 Cruze with 100k on it. I was looking at replacing the cluster as someone sharpied over a lot of the lights on the cluster that they didn’t believe needed illuminated. So I took it upon myself to take the thing apart and the needles don’t work right anymore. So I started looking into used clusters and found them to be fairly cheap. One has matching part numbers on the back and I was wondering if it would be plug and play?
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Also, could I go with one with a slightly different part number? Or does it have to be exact?
If the needles are just not reading correctly their position can be corrected by removing them and then putting them back in the correct position after the cluster has done its self check and the needles have done a full sweep.

The clusters can be changed with a matching number cluster but you'll still have to change the vin number and security code located in the EEPROM.

If you choose to upgrade the cluster this can also be done by using a cluster from a similar car but you'll still have to change the vin and security code. This is still a relatively simple process. I have recently reprogrammed a 2012 diesel cluster and a 2015 petrol cluster to both work in my 2014 Diesel. This is a lot more complicated and involved a lot of trial and error to get all the functions working correctly. Also not helped by the fact that I'd lost the program from the 2012 Diesel by reading the EEPROM incorrectly.

There is a page showing how to change the VIN and security code:-

The VIN is located on line 00000000 & line 00000010 and the security code on line 00000080. This is from a Australian Cruze but I'm sure it'll be very similar.

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If you are OK with the tach not working and just want to change out the plastic bezels, these may help:

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