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2014 Chevy Cruze Diesel problem. Three weeks in the shop!!

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Ok up date on my chevy cruze Diesel. Three weeks now in the shop. I am still up set. Come to find out that the service adviser told me the wrong information on what was wrong with my car. The problem is that the Separator is bad. What that does that it removes the water from the Diesel fuel. They are telling me that Chevy does not make that part. It has to come from another source. The dealer kept stalling me and not giving me the correct information. After having a long talk and going to the top They are telling me that a GM rep here in Florida is working on the problem. They are telling me that they part will be in by Friday Oct 3. Why is it taking this long to finally realizing that they needed to call someone from GM for help. This is the third time since I bought my car that the engine light has come on. O2 Sensor, Nox Sensor, and now the Separator has gone bad. And to top things off chevy doesn't make the part. I think I need to file a complaint and demand that they give me a new Diesel. This has left me with a very bad taste in my mouth. AutoNation Chevy here in Orlando is not a place I would give my repeat business with all the running around they are giving me. Why is Chevy not stocking this part? Why are they putting something on a car that they can't replace asap. I bought a bad Diesel Cruze.
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I wonder if you have a bad battery cable. You've had a lot of unrelated electrical problems.
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