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2014 chevy cruze hood will not latch closed

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My neighbors hood will not lock shut. He popped the hood and it will not lock down. I have found quite a few problems like this but none of Chevy Cruze when searching. I manually used a small crow bar to push down on the assembly under the hood, but it will not engage. Everything looks intact ..keep in mind it is about 5 degrees so its very cold out.

I did notice when pulling the hood release lever and looking at the latch mechanism under the hood nothing moved which I believe is strange. The latch in side the car, does not feel like it has disconnected from the cable but maybe not allowing the cable to freely go back to where it should.

I was thinking the latch assembly so I lubed it up but that did nothing. Is it possible the actual lever/cable is not allowing whatever needs to be in place to come to its natural position? I used a screw driver to poke and pry gently on diff components on the hood latch but I didn't want to pop a spring or anything loose.
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How cold is it? I'm wondering if water got into the cable and it's frozen. When you open the hood, you pull on the level, but it's up to a spring to pull it back. The spring may not be strong enough with the frozen cable. Consequently, the hood latch is always in the "lever pulled" condition.
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