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Ok, so I took my belt off to check the water pump and found out it is bad. Put it all back together only to find out I have 2 codes.

P0106 and P1101

To be honest, it's my wife's car and I can't say with 100% certainty that the light was not on before.

I did notice that it has a rough idle and at times seems like it wants to stall out.

Is the P0106 PCV/Valve cover issue? Is that causing the P1101?

We already have an appointment at the dealer for the water pump so I figure I will let them look into this as well. Just wondering what I might be getting into here.
Hello BrownHP800,

We're sorry to hear you and wife are having a difficult time with your Traverse. Please keep us in the loop regarding your dealer visit. We're available via direct message and would be happy to help if needed.


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