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2014 cruze 2.0 turbodiesel fuel filter change interval

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I just had my fuel filter changed at a local dealership at $150 for the filter and $100 for labor.
The filter is located under the car and under a cover.
The interval appears to be about 36K miles.
is there a better way to get this done?
Is it necessary?
Does Jiffy Lube or equivalent company do it?
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I changed ours at 37k miles, earlier last year - just under two years after buying the car.

It's really simple, didn't even have to jack the car up. I still have the diesel that drains out - since it doesn't evaporate like gasoline. I just put the drain pan outside in the sun during the summer in hopes it'll go away, haha. Not really sure what to do with it otherwise.
Take it to your local auto parts store that accepts used oil...
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