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2014 cruze 2.0 turbodiesel fuel filter change interval

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I just had my fuel filter changed at a local dealership at $150 for the filter and $100 for labor.
The filter is located under the car and under a cover.
The interval appears to be about 36K miles.
is there a better way to get this done?
Is it necessary?
Does Jiffy Lube or equivalent company do it?
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Nope, just getting excellent mileage. Like Brad said, it's based off 1000 gallons used so if you drink fuel slower than it'll last longer.

Did my fuel filter on my hoist, took 15 mins and it was my first time doing it. Really wish a company would make an aftermarket filter for it as $100 seems like gouging. However I live in Canada so I always pay more
At my last service I also had the air and fuel filter changed along with the usual oil filter. It cost a total of $A350.00, which is only $15 more than the Holden regular fixed price service without the air and fuel filters. It is worthwhile using a trustworthy private shop.
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