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2014 Cruze LT p1101

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Hello everyone. My 2014 Cruze LT has been throwing code p1101. The mileage as of now is 90k. In winter of 2017 I took it to dealership due to another issue that resulted in the pcv manifold being replaced (the diaphragm had a leak). I’ve read that a vacuum leak can throw this code and many of you have pointed to he manifold being an issue. But again this has been replaced. I cleaned the MAF sensor five days ago with MAF cleaner and reset the code. Everything was fine until this evening when the code reappeared. The air filter has been replaced, the box has been emptied out of some very light dust as well. I’ve included the freeze frame information that I got from my scanner for everyone to see, since I am not sure what to make of all the information shown. Any thoughts or advice?


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