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2014 Cruze Mod

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I added an after market rear spoiler from Sportwing to my 2014 Cruze. The color matched perfectly and it was easy to install. I think it adds a lot to the looks of the car.

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wow i really like that. I have the same color so that gives me a great reference on how it will look. I think im going to do this soon.
I do like that a lot, but it seems like it needs to be back a little farther for me.

That looks great!! Please more photos!
The spoiler is flush with the back of the trunk, personal preference. It could be mounted further back if you wanted.
I do really miss my little spoiler on my old Cobalt. The little tiny bit of flat attached plastic they call a spoiler on the Cruze is laughable. I think that looks very nice!
That looks really awesome! I wish that my car had that instead of the RS lip spoiler.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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