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2014 Cruze throttle position sensor 70%?

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14 Cruze ltz RS 25k miles, used obd2 to log small stuff and noticed at wot my tps only reads a max of 70% throttle. I have noticed it seems down on acceleration and this has me thinking more. I fixed my earlier post issue, returned intake to stock, cleaned maf with contact cleaner all while have battery off for a night. As of right now I just have exhaust dumped with second cat removed. Thanks!
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Is "tps" the throttle body or is it the gas pedal position sensor? In mechanically linked cars, it was one if the same. But with the Cruze being a "throttle by wire", it's not.
SAE TPS should read 83.9% @ WOT. If you log Accelerator Position then you will see 100% @ WOT. What are you using to log TPS? And you sprayed contact on the connector/plug for the MAF or sprayed it direct on MAF sensor that is fitted inside of the air intake tube? And I must of not seen your earlier post, but did you have a aftermarket air intake kit that was giving you issues?
On the maf itself in the housing. Yeah I returned it back to stock, intake tube diameter was too large. I used torque app and it's reading 83.4-9. It's not my race car so I didn't want to drop the cash on an hp tuners set up.
Alright, well you should not spray anything direct onto the MAF sensor, other than MAF Cleaner and even with the MAF Cleaner be very cautious with spraying it to close to the sensor. But yeah 83.9% is 100% Throttle on these cars. So you are good on the TPS reading. But just curious, what Air Intake Kit were you running that was to large?
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