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2014 Cruze. Turbo. Won't turn over. Codes p0171, p0420, p0442 and p0496

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2014 Cruze, turbo. Not sure from where, but oil leaking passenger side and has everything behind the engine and underneath the car, covered n oil. Someone said oil pan so I tightened it up. I have been having trouble starting it after I get gas. But would eventually start. Well few days later, I Ran out of gas cause I'm an a&&hole. Got gas and when I tried to start it, the battery slowed drained and then nothing. Tried to get a jump. At first, it acted like it wantin to start but engine was knocking so I stopped trying. Towed it home. Ran codes. It did have codes for camshaft knocking and another one but I forgot to make sure I put gas cap and the oil cap back on properly before I tried to jump it. Cleaned and put caps on correctly and I got them codes to go away. Still left wit 0171, 0420, 0442 and 0496. I've read could b purge valve, o2 sensor, maf sensor or map sensor or even dirty fuel filter. Any suggestions on where I should start, which sensor mayb? Ty appreciate any help I can get
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