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2014 Diesel Cruze Wont Start

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My 2014 Cruze with 37K miles wont start all of a sudden. I've never had any problems with the car. Just yesterday I went out to start the car, it cranked and sounded like the timing was off and then shut off. Sometimes it just cranks and doesn't try to start at all. Car is completely stock. Any ideas?
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Thanks for the info, I'm beginning to conclude that city driving is more prone to EGR clogging then primarily hwy driving base on info posted to this forum? Did you by any chance look at the EGR cooler while you were in the same area?

A while back I read in Diesel World 12/2016 the VW TDI's were clogging by 200K miles, clogged EGR, EGR cooler and intake. They had a complete article with photos on cleaning and the corresponding improvement in performance after cleaning, so much for our so called "CLEAN" diesels!

More recently in 8 LUG HD Truck 3/2017 there was an article about recommended cleaners for EGR coolers, intakes and EGR valves. Out of 5 cleaners tried the top two were Clean-Rite Purple Power and Piston Clean. Among the others included Simple Green ALL PURPOSE , NAPA MACS 6402 Carburetor Cleaner, Mopar EGR System Cleaner. Not sure i would use Purple Power on an EGR that had electronics unless used very carefully.
As to which solvent...
The various "purple" degreasers are exceedingly effective but will damage aluminum some other non-ferrous metals because they contain sodium hydroxide as the active ingredient. The EGR body looks to be made of aluminum, so I would avoid that stuff.
Aerosol brake cleaners (both chlorinated and non-chlorinated) should do the job with a little scrubbing, and they won't damage soft metals.
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