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2014 Diesel Cruze Wont Start

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My 2014 Cruze with 37K miles wont start all of a sudden. I've never had any problems with the car. Just yesterday I went out to start the car, it cranked and sounded like the timing was off and then shut off. Sometimes it just cranks and doesn't try to start at all. Car is completely stock. Any ideas?
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Interesting. I drove my 09 Jetta TDI 183,000 miles with no EGR problem. First CEL on the VW was at 175,000 miles and that was a Differential Pressure Switch @$500. That along with the Buyback offer prompted me to make the leap to Chevy. Despite a water pump failure and lack of spare, I LOVE the Cruze much better than the TDI.

I'm brand new to the Cruze and this forum, all the discussion in this thread and others about the Cruze EGR makes me wonder if Cleaning The EGR should be a maintenance item, like every 50K miles or so? I'm no mechanic and realize comparing the Chevy to the VW is apples to oranges. My Cruze has 64,000 miles and I'm considering pulling/cleaning EGR just to avoid the "non-start" condition at an inconvenient time...has anyone else gone that route and what did you find? Any recommendations AGAINST taking this action? Thanks!
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