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2014 Diesel Cruze Wont Start

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My 2014 Cruze with 37K miles wont start all of a sudden. I've never had any problems with the car. Just yesterday I went out to start the car, it cranked and sounded like the timing was off and then shut off. Sometimes it just cranks and doesn't try to start at all. Car is completely stock. Any ideas?
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Was this shortly after a fill up and where do you buy most of your fuel, high volume truck stop or lowest price station off the beaten path?? If high volume truck stop probably not fuel issues. I ran my fuel filter to about 39K with 5% left on the DIC without any noticeable issues but most of my fuel is from high vol truck stops and I always use additives.

Washington State had temp of 53F around 8AM today so I would not expect glow plugs to be an issue. Might require extra cranking to start though if they were not working but should have started with a lot of white smoke.

If everything was normal the day before probably something simple like EGR valve stuck open due carbon or a sensor died due to infant mortality.
I had a no start problem with my Cruze Diesel and saw this entry that said the EGR valve could cause a No Start condition. I replaced the EGR valve and did not connect the plug for the electrical contacts. The Car started and ran with no fault indications. So if you suspect that the EGR valve is stuck open, Remove the electrical plug. The car should start if that was the problem.
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