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Really love the six speed manual transmission in our 2012 2LT, but can't buy this anymore. So when this one goes, goodbye Chevy. Like having complete control of which gear I am in.

Ha, ever drive one of these?

Really not much choice with gears, only two of them for forward speeds, but did have a reverse, that was nice for Chevy to offer this. Use to call these things turtletorque. Just about every combination since then.

Sill have to have at least one AT vehicle, in this stupid state can't even pass a drivers test without an automatic, will flunk you if you take your right hand off the steering wheel to shift gears for a second. But can get around this by starting off in second gear and leaving it there.

Can get by with taking off in first gear with an AT on ice, but need a very delicate light foot on the throttle. A lot of these newer AT's are shifting up at way too low of engine speeds, idiot programmers never heard of excessive engine loading that burns more fuel if they would stay in a lower gear longer.

Just seems like in these newer vehicles, a silly-con diode is attempting to replace the brains of the driver.

Oh, that 52 Chevy hardtop was a very sweet looking automobile, could drop an Olds with a four speed hydramatic transmission in it,then you really had one hail of a car. But those a$$holes in Washington DC made this illegal today.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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