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2014 LT aftermarket radio no mylink disolay

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I looked at a Cruze last night, 27k miles. I asked why the mylink display doesn't work and he said it was because of the aftermarket radio. I asked if the radio would affect the warranty, he said it would if there are wiring problems with it.

Another issue is the AC wont turn on. I got the vehicle in their shop, which was warm inside and the AC still would work. I had the service manager hook up the scanner to make sure the ECU wasn't flash tuned, he noted the AC request was NO even though the snowflake was on in the car. I requested it be fixed, they said it's covered under warranty.

1. I found a bunch if radios for it at the jy around town $75. The vehicle shows RPOs UFU and UP9. Will this be plug and play as in it wont be electronically locked?

2. Could the aftermarket radio affect the AC electronics? Why the heck won't the dealer repair their used car advertised as having AC?
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the display for the mylink displays the mode the climate control is in, so I'm guessing that it will effect it. I would not purchase it until it's fixed, it should be under bumper to bumper warranty, unless of course the wiring is causing the problem, and then I would stay away anyway. There are plenty of fish (used 14 cruze's) in the sea (used car market)
Note that if the outside air sensor says it's too cold, the A/C won't turn on. I'm not sure how long it would take the sensor to warm up if it's sitting in the shop and not out driving.

Radios are tied to the car's VIN. You'll need to know the donor car's VIN to get the dealer to reprogram it. I'd try to pull a radio from a car that has the same RPO codes to minimize problems.
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So if somehow I was able to find a same year Cruze with either Nav or the pioneer system, I could just snap a pic of the vin it came off of, and go to the dealer and now I have the low output of the pioneer since the pioneers have an external amp, not internal like the base radio.
A Nav upgrade is a whole 'nuther thing. Others have looked into it, I think most ran the other direction. Too many things different.

I'm not sure how putting a Pioneer head into a non-Pioneer car would work out. That's why I'm suggesting you match the radio RPO codes. That way, it should be just a drop-in job. Well, could be drop-in, depending on how badly the prior owner mangled the wiring.

Aftermarket stuff in a car is a questionable issue. You have no idea of the quality of the install, and the bumper to bumper isn't going to cover any damage that was done to it.
It came down to this, I suggested three ways I would agree to a deal:

1) Take $1,000 off the asking price

2) Get in writing that all active warranties are valid and explicitly note the aftermarket radio does not affect warranty coverage

3) I found 7 radios with the same RPO 3 miles from the dealer at the junkyard and suggested they replace it, I said I would buy the aftermarket head unit for $200 (my other car wants it)

Sales manager does not want to mess with it and will wait for a buyer. Okay, see ya!! This car was a piece of work, like someone randomly scratched all fenders not to mention it was in an accident (they pulled up the body shop service report). This car is about $2k under market value for a 2014.

When we lifted the car up, I said joking "Okay, let's see if this thing has been off roading". Then I pointed out the clumps of dirt/grass/gravel scooped up by engine cradle details in addition to the whole passenger side rocker bent and about a 6" sliver of chipping paint and at the very rear of this rocker the factory sealer seam was split open. I live in Michigan, this baby will rust out quick if you don't give it attention (would have herculined the rockers).

I am driving about 75 miles today to go look at another Cruze turbo manual, 22k miles and described as incredible condition.
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Good move to pass on the car. Sounds like it would have been a PITA to get squared away. There are tons of Cruzes out there so you'll find one that will meet your needs. Good luck on the one you'll be looking at today!!!
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